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Description of the book - Tree House

Tree House - Design
Tree House - Conductive Lines

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The children are sitting in their tree house and during a thunderstorm a lighting destroys the power supply. The lights go out.

Because all the grown-ups are fighting against a flood, the children decide to find out the reason for the power failure.

Interaction between Book and Reader

At the beginning, the reader places the pocket lamp on Field 1 and the tree house’s windows get illuminated. Then the lighting destroys the power supply and the reader is asked to replace the pocket lamp from Field 1 to Field 2.
The light in the tree house go out and the hidden text of the story appears.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp closes the magnetic triggered switch hidden under Field 1. An electrical current flows via printed conductive lines from the rechargeable battery to the inverter of the electroluminescent display. The display goes on. By replacing the pocket lamp the display current is interrupted and the magnetic switch under Field 2 is closed. The printed battery gets connected to the 3D electrochromic display and the hidden text appears.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

The interaction demonstrates the aftermath of the power failure caused by the lighting. The hidden text increases the tension of the story. This reflects the feelings of the children.