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Description of the book - Power Plants

Power Plants - Design
Power Plants - Conductive Lines

Page Content

The children debate about the reason why there is no electrical power anymore. Julie teaches a boring lesson about four possible types of power plants.

Interaction between Book and Reader

The pocket lamp has to be put on Field 3. The reader finds the names as well as the pictures of the four different power plants. His task is to combine name and picture of the different power plants correctly. If the reader is right, a lamp next to the power plant goes on.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp closes the magnet switch under Field 3 and activates the power supply on the page 7.
The printed conductive lines between the different inverters and the electroluminescent displays are interrupted each by two buttons. Pressing the correct pair of buttons supplies the inverters with power and the light next to the selected power plant goes on.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

The reader has to assign the right names of the different power plant to their pictures. He reflects the different types of power plants and the interaction helps the reader to learn more about power plants.