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Description of the book - Leak in the Canal Wall

Leak in the Canal Wall - Design
Leak in the Canal Wall - Conductive Lines

Page Content

The children are walking around and searching for the reason of the power failure. Then they spot a leak in a canal wall. They assume that not enough water remains in the canal for powering the hydroelectric power plant d

Interaction between Book and Reader

The reader sees three different construction materials marked with Field 4. He has to choose between sandbags, timber and stones. By placing the pocket lamp on the right material – the sandbags – the leak in the canal wall closes.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp closes the magnet switch under Field 4 and also the electric current between the printed battery and the 3D electrochromic display. The display shows sandbags closing the leak in the canal wall.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

By choosing the optimum construction material, the reader learns about how to fix a leak in a canal wall. The interaction intensifies the learning process.