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Description of the book - Access Code

Access Code - Design
Access Code - Conductive Lines

Page Content

The children have started the generator but the village is still dark. Therefore they go into the main building and find the main computer. At last they have to enter the right access code for repairing the power supply of the village.

Interaction between Book and Reader

The keyboard or the main computer shows the digits 1 to 4. The reader has to enter the two digit code “2” and “4” in the right order. Then a cocoa cup appears as symbol for a good job.

The Printed Electronic Elements Behind

The magnet of the pocket lamp has again no impact here. The button 2 closes the electric current between the printed battery and a capacitor.
The capacitor is loaded. If the reader chooses the right button “4”, the capacitor will supply the display with electrical power and the display will show the cocoa cup. But if the reader chooses a wrong button, the capacitor will be discharged.

Benefit of the Printed Electronic Elements

Because the reader has to press the right buttons in the right order, this is the most difficult interaction. Additionally the code is hidden on the page before. Therefore the reader has to reflect the book‘s content.