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Ducky In The Dark

Winner of the OE-A Competition

At LOPE-C 2010 the Organic Electronic Association (OE-A) started the "OE-A Competition for Multifunctional Demonstrators Based on Organic and Printed Electronics". Participation was possible for OE-A member universities or for non OE-A member universities if they cooperate with an OE-A member.

This competition encouraged young engineers and scientists in developing a vision of future applications based on organic and printed electronics. By providing a set of about 20 printed electronic devices (the "OE-A Toolbox for Organic and Printed Electronics"), student teams had the possibility to build demonstrators of visionary applications of organic and printed electronics by making use of its unique features: thin, lightweight, flexible, robust and produced at low-cost.

At LOPE-C 2011 the best demonstrators were awarded. The first three places were:
1st Place: "Interactive Book" by Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
2nd Place: "Solar Powered Aircraft" by Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany
3rd Place: "Smart Packaging" by Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany

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